I see the function of a necropsychotherapist, that is my own, as not identifying myself and not being on the side of any gender, any sexual orientation, any ethnicity, or any other existing identities.

Necropsychotherapist is the keeper of the void, the instance of suicide and devastation.

Void is opposed to any complete self-determination. Doubt, mutability, queer are what indicate the void. Void is at work when the identity of man, woman, mother, father, Russian, American, straight or gay commits suicide.

The role of the keeper of the void is painful and requires masochistic devotion. It is, by definition, the role of the hated one (and hated deservedly), because s/he is on no one’s side, not faithful to anyone and thus s/he is a traitor to everyone. Infidelity is vicious, however, the other side of such infidelity is belonging simultaneously to everyone, even if in the role of someone who is commonly hated and despised.

The role of a necropsychotherapist presupposes a truly critical stance. What is now practiced under the slogan of “critical theory” is not self-reflective, it is a criticism of what is considered to be a dominant ideology, which is contrasted as falce with the critic’s correct view.

The real critical thinking is always self-critical since the dominant ideology is you, your thoughts, your actions and the social role you identify yourself with. If ideology is not dominating you, that is, have not become subconscious and habitual, then it is not dominant. The critical position presupposes traumatic erasing out of yourself of the most native and dearest, the doubt in what began to seem obvious and consolidated in in the subconscious as resistant to criticism.

Such erasing is suicidal, it involves the destruction of your identity. But this painful self-destruction and striving for emptiness is the only instance that unconditionally unites humanity. After all, on the the flip side each of us is the void, but we can strive for it only at the painful cost of tearing off our skin.

Interns wanted.

▪️ professor of philosophy, SAS UTMN ▪️ director of the Institute of Psychoanalysis, GCAS ▪️ negative psychoanalyst

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